A Brief History :

Don Bosco Makkalalaya Mysore is part of an international organization working in 132 countries for deprived children and youth through over 1816 centres in the world. There are 299 centres in India spread across 26 States and 3 Union Territories. There are 21 centres in Karnataka State, South India. The Mysore Project, in Karnataka State was intitated in the year 2006, to reach out to child labourers, school dropouts and unemployed youth in Mysore District.
Presently, the project reaches out to over 800 deprived children and youth between the age 6-35 years on a daily basis, offering education, skills, jobs and career. Indirectly, the project reaches out to 5000 children in formal schools through Child Right Clubs. The Organization is deeply committed to the care, protection and empowerment of all marginalized children and youth for the creation of a better society, following the footsteps of its founder Don Bosco.

The Motto of the Project : Placing the lamp on the lampstand
(The lamp stands for the child/youth and the lampstand stands for the community)

The Vision of the Project : Promotion of a movement for child labours, school dropouts and unemployed through special education and community based programs ensuring human rights and and child rights paving the way for a proactive and preventive culture leading to sustainable development in the society.

The Approach of the Project : Community > Family > Youth > Children